Celina Eats: Tender Smokehouse BBQ

May 15, 2022 1:41 pm

When it comes to the city of Celina, TX, there are numerous delicious options for every meal. One of our favorite dinner options is Tender Smokehouse BBQ. This classic Texan joint packs a powerful punch with hand-crafted Texas BBQ and yummy made-from-scratch sides. Read on to find out why we consider Tender Smokehouse BBQ to be one of Celina’s best eats.

Story Behind the Barbeque

This BBQ joint began when owner Dante Ramirez wanted to create a relaxed, homegrown BBQ spot for locals. His vision was to create something that could be replicated and expanded throughout Texas. Dante’s background included working for more than a decade in the food service industry and catering industry within Texas. With several partners (Audrea Weimer, Torii, and Eddie Bell, Katrina Hunter), he built the first Tender Smokehouse BBQ. Although other locations will continue throughout Texas, Celina, TX will always be home to the first Tender Smokehouse BBQ. Stroll by today to check out the modernized western decor, relaxed homey interior, and clean ranch views exterior. This is a restaurant that invites you in to say goodbye to stress, enjoy delicious homemade food with the best barbecue flavor, and connect with your loved ones over meals.

Tender Smokehouse BBQ Dinner Menu

You can absolutely head to Tender Smokehouse BBQ for their breakfast menu, but we love coming to this location for dinner because of the hearty meat options. First up there’s the spare ribs: half slab or full slab for the ravenous. A beef rib option is also available. The meats include prime brisket, pulled pork, sausage (original and a zesty jalapeno cheddar style), and turkey breast. Want to try sandwiches? Sandwich options include baked potatoes and sweet potato dishes. A guest favorite is the Prime Brisket Sandwich. This sandwich includes a loaded baked potato that Tender Smokehouse likes to say is “the size of a football!” Side options include BBQ beans, potato salad, mac n’ cheese, and pineapple slaw. These can be ordered individually or by the pint or quart if you want to take some home for your family. Grabbing a few sides from Tender Smokehouse BBQ is a great way to spice up your home cookout if you’re having a party or a lazy weekend with the family. Looking for something sweet
after your meal? Sweets include banana pudding and Mindy Lu’s fried pies.

What about the Kids?

Tender Smokehouse BBQ welcomes children and has a child-sized Kid’s Menu for the youngest of the family. The Kid’s Menu includes grilled cheese, a turkey sandwich, or a 'Lil Choppo' chopped brisket sandwich. A side and drink, of your kid’s choice, are also included. This meal is filling and satiating so kids will happily eat up. Many kids also appreciate the outdoor seating and old western style mixed into the modern set-up. Are you interested in a peaceful, amenity-filled, family-friendly pristine home? Green Meadows is a beautiful community located in Celina, TX with close access to the Dallas North Tollway. You won’t find a better community for you and your loved ones.