Beach Packing Hacks

July 25, 2023 1:45 pm

Summer and the beach go together like peas and carrots, but the sun and sand can cause trouble for even the most seasoned beach-goer. Make your beach days a breeze using these hacks to help you pack and keep calm in the hot summer sand.


  1. Instead of carrying all of your beach gear on your shoulders, use a sled to slide it through the sand with ease.


  1. Bring a bottle of baby powder to the beach to help get the sand off quickly.


  1. Stick a pinwheel up next to your belongings to be able to quickly identify your site in a sea of towels and chairs.


  1. Freeze lip balm to help you stay cool.


  1. Dig a small canal and ditch from the shoreline to your chair so you can dip your toes in the water and stay in the shade.


  1. Speaking of chairs, attach an umbrella to your chairs to stay shady and keep cool.


  1. Freeze wet sponges, filled water balloons, or full water bottles and use them as ice packs to keep your drinks and food cold.


  1. Use collapsible sand castle toys for easier car storage.


  1. Bring a fitted sheet and secure it on each of the four corners to create a sand barrier. In this popular TikTok video, content creator Rachel Austin uses four coolers to anchor a fitted sheet on the beach. She then places one cooler on each corner to hold down the bottom of the sheet and lift up the sides to form a walled-off nook. Then she puts a bucket of water next to the sheet to rinse feet before stepping inside so the area stays sand-free.


  1. Use a mesh laundry hamper or bag for an easy way to transport and clean sand toys, water shoes, and other sandy items.


  1. Bring water shoes to wear when your feet get too hot to run around in the sand in flip-flops.


  1. Take a marker with you to write down the times you need to reapply sunscreen. Oh, and we love the spray bottle sunscreen best because it makes application so much easier, especially on wiggly kiddos.


  1. Need discrete adult beverages? Spike lemonade pouches, then freeze them before you put them in the cooler. They're portable and completely delicious!


  1. And remember the kids, too. Freeze some juice or lemonade boxes, thaw them for a few minutes, and they'll be nice and slushy—the perfect way to cool off on a hot beach day! Remember to pack some spoons, too. 


  1. Paint spatulas, paintbrushes, and measuring cups are all great tools for little ones to use when building an imaginative sandcastle. Think outside the box and get creative.


  1. An insulated coffee cup is the perfect hiding place for keys, IDs, cash, and other valuables you want to keep near you. Just remember not to fill it up after you stash your goodies.


  1. Keep an air pump in your vehicle to inflate floats, arm floaties, toys, and other beach accessories.


  1. And remember to bring waterproof containers or bags for your phones and other delicate valuables.


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