Camping in and near Celina, TX

May 23, 2022 6:25 pm

As summer rolls around, more and more people are looking for summer vacation ideas. A great vacation possibility near home in Celina, TX is camping! Check out our favorite areas to camp in and near Celina, TX as well as our tips on how to make the most out of your mini-vacation. 


How do you find the best places to camp in and near Celina, TX? 

There are many campground options for campers living in Celina, TX. If you want something outside of the traditionally developed campsite or national park, we recommend searching on HipCamp. There are numerous top-rated stays in the area that include luxe glamping options and RV hookups to small tent sites on private property and old red dirt campsites—even treehouse options! Celina, TX has so many beautiful outdoor spaces and residents have put together unique stays for tents and RVs as well as spots with cabins and treehouses. Cozy up in a secluded forested area or head for a calm lake with these choices. 

What are some of the best Texas camping spots? 

One of our favorite Texas camping spots is the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. This area is at the end of the Texas border and right next to New Mexico. This campground has cooler temperatures and also features a beautiful, colorful desert view. You can also participate in backcountry camping if you have a permit. For a more systematic approach, there are two campgrounds that are developed and better for more traditional comfort camping. 


Another great option for camping is the Hidden Cove Park and Marina located in Frisco, TX. This developed campsite offers long-term camping site options and is next to a lake for fun daytime activities. Large picnic areas and pavilions make it perfect for hosting your own barbecue and simply enjoying the outdoors. We love how clean this campground is and how accessible it is for campers. Plus, it’s located about 19 miles from Green Meadows in Celina!

When is the best time to go camping? 

The best time to go camping is when you have the time off and when you want to go! There are so many activities specific to each season in Celina, TX that you can virtually go camping year-round, 24/7. However, many families prefer to go for their longest camping adventures during the fall and spring months because of the slightly cooler temperatures. This is also a great time to avoid crowds because many take camping trips in the summer. 

At the end of a fun-filled camping weekend or week-long camping adventure, it’s always nice to return to a home you love. Green Meadows is more than a home, it’s a community that encapsulates the best that Celina, TX has to offer. From the best schools to the best amenities, you can return home ready to relax. Beautiful home plans offer a comfortable place to live and unwind. Questions? Contact us.