Celina Charm

November 17, 2023 7:15 pm

Living a connected life is easy in Celina, where you’re part of a small-town community that sticks together. Celina’s small-town charm may be the reason it’s the fastest-growing city in North Texas. When you live here, you’re part of the connected community, living your best life every day!


So what makes Celina so special? Well, truthfully, everything! The area is beautiful and has all the amenities you need without the big-city stress. Your kids get a top-notch education at some of the best schools in Texas, and you have lots of fun things to do all year long. Read on for more about Celina’s irresistible charm.


The Two Ts


Celina owes its name to our state’s longstanding connection with Tennessee. Texas and Tennessee have been intertwined since before the Alamo fell in 1836, and in 1879, 3 years after settlers called this area home, the first postmaster named Celina after the Tennessee town of the same name. That connection added the city to the historical links between the two Ts, alongside Davy Crockett and Sam Houston. Not bad for a small town!


Growing But Still Charming


Even though it’s the fastest-growing city in the area, Celina is still a town with “small-town” values and a tight-knit community. So if you live in Celina, you’ll enjoy the slower pace but still be close to two major byways to get you to work in the big city. It’s easy and fun to stay involved in the local government and community service organizations like Grace Bridge Food Bank, Helping Hands, and Cornerstone NTC.


Super Schools


In Celina, kids get a superb education from kindergarten through earning degrees at the 75-acre Collin College campus. Both Celina and Prosper ISDs are highly rated and have a high graduation rate. In fact, a lot of people move to Celina just for the excellent education opportunities. Most graduates are recruited to attend top colleges and universities or to earn industry-specific certifications to make their dreams and goals come true. Oh, yeah, and team pride runs high. You’ll see lots of orange and hear “Go Bobcats!” all over the city.


Keep it Local


Really, once you’re in Celina, you don’t have to go anywhere else for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The downtown shops offer everything from handmade soap to unique clothing to rare jewels. Plus, there are many unique restaurants like the Toasted Walnut Table & Market and Bongo Beaux’s Bourre Palace & Cajun Kitchen, as well as fun amusements like axe-throwing and the putting greens at Little Wooden Penguin.


Live a Connected Life


There’s all that and more because Celina has fun events planned all year long, and many are free! Do you like Cajun food? There’s an annual festival for that, Christmas events, summertime fun, music and movies, and a Halloween street party.

When you live at Green Meadows, you’ll live a connected life, being part of the vibrant community in Celina. You can live in your dream home in your dream neighborhood and love every minute of your life. Contact us today to kick off your connected life.