#CelinaEats: The Nook CKMC

March 20, 2023 4:19 pm

Looking for a place to grab a drink or tasty lunch with friends or family? Lucky for you, the city of Celina has many great restaurant options. And one of the highly patronized restaurant options in Celina is TheNookCKMC.


Located within a 7-minute drive from Green Meadows, TheNookCKMC is a Cocktail Kitchen & Market Cafe for the community of Celina. And with a menu featuring eclectic comfort food paired with specialty cocktails and live events, it is no surprise that The Nook is the go-to spot for Celina residents and visitors. 


What's the secret to the restaurant's popularity? Let's unpack it!


A Dig Into The Nook CKMC Menu Offering


Whether you’re looking for a spot for a date night, a casual Friday lunch, or a weekend family brunch, The Nook provides a little something for everyone. The kitchen offers a customizable menu of soups, pasta, salads, mix-and-match veggies, and healthy proteins. 


In addition, The Nook has an incredible array of flatbread options and a comprehensive kid's menu. Whether you are gluten-free, a vegetarian, vegan, or have no dietary restrictions and want delicious food to fuel your body, this is the perfect place in Celina for you and your family. Check out TheNookCKMC menu for all the options.


And if you're searching for a classic neighborhood bar, The Nook has you covered! They have unique cocktails, classic wines, an impressive beer list, and delicious burgers and wings. There's a dog-friendly patio out back, a jukebox for music, and the kitchen stays open until 11:45pm!


Be A Part of TheNookCKMC Exclusive Events 


From Taco Tuesdays to Wine Down Wednesdays, there is always a special event at The Nook for people of all interests. And you can't forget Thursday night's exclusive live music event, where things get lively at the tables and on the dancefloor!


Hosting private events at The Nook means you get it all - the fantastic venue, the cocktails, the catering, and of course, their dynamic and friendly staff. On top of all this, their prices are incredibly competitive, so contact them today for more info!


Be A Part of the Green Meadows Master-Planned Community


From a great vibe and fantastic menu to divine cocktails, TheNookCKMC in Celina has something unique for all genders and ages. Whether you're a food lover or just looking for a great place to unwind with friends and family after a hectic day job, The Nook is the place to visit. 

Come experience the city of Celina through the lens of living in Green Meadows. If you’re interested in making Celina home, check out Green Meadows on Facebook, Instagram, or on our website to learn more about our community, or reach out to our builders for information on making Green Meadows home!


Image from The Nook CKMC: Click Here