Cure Your Sweet Tooth in Celina

December 09, 2022 6:48 pm

There's nothing better than biting into a baked-from-scratch pastry, a slice of cake, or a pillowy donut. Luckily for us, Celina has plenty of eateries offering up a range of delectable treats that are certain to cure your sweet tooth.


Joy’s Pie Shop - This local pie shop set out with a pretty big goal in mind – to bake the best pie in the world… after grandma’s. That’s quite a high bar, but based on the look of the mouthwatering pies on the bakery’s Facebook page, we’d say Joy’s par for the course. 


With pies ranging from classics like Apple Crumble and Key Lime Pie to signature offerings such as Mr. & Mrs. Chocolate Strawberry, the question isn’t which slice to try, but how many? The pie shop is located in downtown Celina and, yes, they take holiday orders.


Terry’s Donuts - These delectable treats are almost too pretty to eat… almost. With their bright and colorful icing, the donuts are beautifully decorated to resemble everything from popular cartoon characters to letters that spell out messages like “happy birthday” or “congratulations.” Of course, if you like to keep it simple, Terry’s also offers traditional cake donuts, cinnamon rolls, and apple fritters as well. 


The donut shop has multiple locations in Texas and its Celina location is only about 10 minutes from Green Meadows on Pecan Street. 


Granny’s Sweeties - When a bake shop is named “Granny’s Sweeties” expectations are going to be high. After all, grandmothers often reign supreme when it comes to baked treats. This bakery specializes in the sort of decadent cakes that you might see rotating behind a glass case at your favorite diner. In other words, you might just want to skip right to dessert.


We can’t speak to whether an official granny is doing the baking, but what we can attest to is that the custom-made cakes, truffles, and cookies on the bakery’s Facebook page look absolutely delicious. The bake shop primarily takes online orders, so if you want to sample the goods, reach out to them online. 


Hey Sugar - How often do you hear about a successful chain that was started by a 10-year-old kid? That’s exactly the case with this candy shop that was started by Clayton Brittan and now boasts seven locations!


While Hey Sugar has literal buckets of candy to choose from in its stores, jawbreakers, gumdrops, and chocolates aren’t the only sugary offerings. The shops also have ice cream and offer a range of retro sodas in case you need something to quench your thirst on the way home. 


Swirls Bakery - This local bakery specializes in what they call “a spin on the classic cinnamon roll.” The rolls or “swirls” as they’re known include flavors like Pecan Pie, Cookies & Cream, and Irish Coffee (for 21+), among others. There are also savory swirls like Cheddar Jalapeno and Fontina Cranberry, as well as a variety of cookies, cupcakes, and truffles. 


While Swirls Bakery is in the process of opening a brick-and-mortar shop, they’re currently taking online orders and offering catering services. 


As you can see, Celina is no slouch when it comes to local sweet shops, many of them just a few miles from Green Meadows. To learn more about our master-planned community, contact us today