Discovering Celina’s Historic Downtown

May 13, 2024 2:17 pm

At the core of Downtown Celina, Green Meadows welcomes locals and tourists alike to immerse themselves in a lively community rich with heritage and modern delights. Green Meadows is a captivating mix of historic charm and modern ease, making it a must-visit for anyone who values the allure of small-town life alongside the benefits of contemporary living.

Shop 'til you drop! 

Immerse yourself into the vibrant streets of Downtown Celina and explore the wide variety of boutiques and shops ready for your exploration. From shiny, rare jewels to invigorating home decoration, our local retailers offer an extraordinary shopping experience that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Local Favorite Restaurants 

Food enthusiasts will thrive in Downtown Celina's dining scene, which features a sumptuous selection of local eateries that showcase the best regional cuisine. Whether craving hearty comfort food, daring flavors, sugary delights, or even health-conscious options, our restaurants serve dishes with the freshest local ingredients. Enjoy your meal in the cozy atmosphere of Downtown Celina.


Celina has evolved from its early days as a small settlement into the fastest-growing city in North Texas. With a growing population and a strategic location in Collin County, Celina is poised for significant expansion and influence in the metropolitan community. Its dedication to quality education, community pride, and progressive governance highlights its commitment to a bright future for its residents.


Celina's calendar brims with cultural events and festivals celebrating our unique heritage and community spirit.

Each year, these gatherings transform Historic Downtown into a vibrant hub of activity, showcasing local talent and bringing together residents and visitors in celebration. 

These festivals provide entertainment and play a crucial role in fostering a sense of unity and pride among Celina's populace.

From festive seasonal gatherings to markets showcasing local artisans, each event celebrates the unique culture and camaraderie that define our town. Participate in family-friendly activities, live entertainment, and more as you create lasting memories with friends and neighbors this 2024:


  • June 7: Friday Night Market

  • June 14: Movie Night on the Square

  • June 29: Splash & Blast


  • July 5: Friday Night Market

  • July 27: Clean Sweep


  • August 2: Friday Night Market

  • August 16: Movie Night on the Square


  • September 6: Friday Night Market


  • October 1: National Night Out

  • October 4: Friday Night Market

  • October 5: Clean Sweep

  • October 12: Oktoberfest

  • October 19: Troubadour Festival

  • October 26: Beware! Of the Square


  • November 1: Friday Night Market


  • December 4: Christmas on the Square

  • December 14: Gift Tour

Parking and Maps

Conveniently located parking and accessibility maps ensure your life at Green Meadows is as stress-free as possible. Multiple parking options are available near all major attractions, allowing you to easily explore every corner of our historic area.

The Perfect Place

Join us in Green Meadows, where history and modernity converge, creating an environment ripe for exploration, dining, and shopping. Embark on a stroll through our streets and discover why so many have come to love the charm and spirit of our community.

With its own Montessori school inside, Green Meadows is the perfect place for your growing family's education and socialization needs. May your experience be as rich as the town's history and as vivid as the town's events.