DIY Home Projects

January 25, 2024 3:55 pm

Don’t let winter get you down—use your inside time to get creative! Brightening up your home with easy DIY projects could be just what the doctor ordered to help keep your family smiling this winter. There are a lot of fun and simple ways to liven up your living quarters without spending a lot of money or time. Read on for some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Cozy Blanket or Throw


You can make a blanket or throw quickly, without sewing, and for under $10. Seriously, this may be the easiest home DIY ever, and you only need a few yards of a warm, textured fabric like fleece and some time. You can even get your kids involved; maybe you can each make one or create a family-size version to cozy up while watching TV or playing games.


Simply cut the fleece to the size you want, then cut 9” H x 2” W strips on the shortest sides, cut each strip in half, and cut those in half again so you have eight tassels in each section. Next, tie the tassels into groups of 3 about 1” from the top of each slit, and when you’re done, grab a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up. For a more sophisticated version, use flannel, wool, or thick, textured cotton to make this double-sided throw.


Festive Window Decor


Decorating windows from the inside is another way to brighten your home on dreary winter days. You and your kids can do simple projects like homemade snowflakes, paper cutouts, window clings, snowmen, or paper lanterns.


You’ll find free paper patterns on the internet to make shapes in festive winter colors—burgundy, golden yellow, and emerald green. Kids can string shapes together to make a garland or add tiny LEDs for twinkle. Clings are easy, too; you just need a few ingredients, an oven, and time.


Elegant Centerpieces


Dress up your tables with elegant or rustic centerpieces arranged with candles, pine cones, and

flowers. You can create these from stuff you already have or spend just a little to jazz up your home. Gather pine cones and branches outside, and see if you have any candles and dried or faux flowers you can repurpose. You can also use empty wine bottles and jars and add sparkle with glitter or metallic paper.


Repurposed Winter Planters


Doesn’t that empty planter outside need some love? Repurpose it as a charming front entry display to welcome guests. An easy way is to clean out the planter, fill it with seasonal greenery like pine or evergreen tree branches and pine cones, and add small LEDs to make it glow. If you gather the elements yourself and reuse Christmas lights, then this is free! If you want more bling, reuse holiday decorations to add color and sparkle.


When you live at Green Meadows, you’ll always have resources and plenty of space to create DIY projects for your gorgeous new home. Contact us today to find your dream home in our fun and happy community.