Green Meadows Community Hive

January 10, 2024 8:16 pm

Green Meadows has a new queen, and she’s creating quite a buzz! Our new queen bee, called Queen Meadows, and her hive are the first managed, operational bee hive in any Celina master-planned community. Everyone here is excited to welcome our new neighbors, and we’re looking forward to tasting their honey. So you may ask, why a bee hive? Well, because bees are important to our survival, and their numbers have been dwindling for a long time. That’s why we teamed with Alvéole to give the bees a home and promote their well-being.


Meet The Keeper

To help the bees adjust to their new home and thrive, their beekeeper, Caroline Batson, will nurture their development and educate residents about the hive. Originally from South Carolina, Caroline came to Texas last year to pursue her love of agricultural farming. Not only is she a bee expert, but she also can tell you which gourmet mushrooms to cook with. She’ll care for the bees and encourage community involvement in their success. In fact, we already had a class to educate residents, so keep an eye out for more in the future.


Meet the Hive

Caroline said it doesn’t take long for the bees to orient themselves to their new home. They got their bearings by checking out their surroundings and sharing their knowledge as a group. They’ll forage for pollen nearby to make honey and feed Queen Meadows, who got her name from a contest late last year. The resident whose name was chosen received the first batch of honey from the hive. Currently, their home is wrapped in reflective insulation for winter, but you may still see the bees roam on warmer days since there’s an opening for them to exit and enter. When it’s cold, they form a ball shape and vibrate their muscles to stay warm. The hive is home to 10,500 bees and has eight honey frames and seven frames for the bees themselves.


Join the Mission

Alvéole’s mission (and ours for this project) is to help the Earth by making it more bee-friendly. They teach people how to get involved, encourage them to help the bees, and showcase our bee program by offering our honey locally and as sustainable corporate gifts. They even set up a website where you can get updates on the bees’ health, talk with the beekeeper and other team members, keep track of hive visits, and sign up for workshops and team-building sessions. Alvéole also gives you access to a report about our Green Meadows hive’s social and environmental impacts. They help our community learn through team-building activities, and they help spread the word about our mission through marketing, online blogs, and outreach programs.


Join the Hive

When you live at Green Meadows, you’ll be part of our community and help our new hive thrive. You’ll love the amenities, highly-rated schools, and beautiful, modern home designs. Contact us today to find your dream home in Celina’s most innovative resort-style community.