Green Meadows Family Fitness

February 27, 2024 4:32 pm

Turning fitness into family time is fun and rewarding! Sure, the health benefits are great, but bonding time is the real payoff. It can be hard to fit quality time and exercise into a tight schedule, so combining fitness with family time just makes sense. Schedule time for healthy habits to teach kids the importance of moving—and have fun with it! Fitness doesn’t have to be boring to be beneficial—play games, explore nature, and dance like no one’s watching. Why? Family fitness time helps kids’ social and emotional development, improves memory and mood, decreases anxiety, and reduces chances of illness.


Walk and Bike Together


Walking and biking are some of the easiest ways to include the whole family. You’ll get exercise and be able to talk and laugh together at the same time. When you live at Green Meadows, you can walk or bike anytime on the scenic trails that wind through the neighborhood’s green spaces. It can’t get much easier than stepping out the front door of your new home to enjoy family fitness time!


Batter Batter Swing


Backyard games and sports are fun for everyone and help you stay active without leaving home. There are old faves like flag football, baseball, and badminton, but try thinking outside the box by creating your own games. Maybe use playing cards as a fitness game—hearts for push-ups, clubs for crunches—you get the idea. Everyone picks one, then does the same number of the exercise as the card (ace equals one, etc.). Also, consider alternating activities to keep it fun. Play kickball, tag, croquet, and horseshoes. Hold relay races and jump rope or play “horse.” Reward your kids for their efforts with more physical activities like skating or going to the playground or pool. Living at Green Meadows gives you lots of room for backyard games, a playground, and a pool right inside the community, making fitness a snap!


Living Room Dance Party, Ya’ll!


Teach your kids to dance like no one’s watching by having regular living room dance parties. All ages can join in the fun and burn off dinner at the same time. Dance parties can help everyone’s mood and lead to cherished memories, and the littlest ones can wiggle and squirm to their heart’s content! You can also use TV time to do fun exercises during commercials. Try silly walks, break-dance moves, and basic yoga poses to get off the sofa. The living room of your new home at Green Meadows may inspire your family to make up its own signature dance!


Weekly Goals to Stay on Track


Finally, consider setting weekly goals to stay on track and boost motivation. Get your kids engaged any way you can—at home and away. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, wash the car together at home, and plan family vacations that include physical activities like hiking. And remember to include a reward system to help everyone think of fitness as fun and rewarding rather than a chore.

Life at Green Meadows is a reward the whole family will love. In addition to the trails, playground, and pool, you can use the fitness rooms in our amenity center, help in the community garden, and play with your dogs in the park. Contact us today to move your fitness routine to our fun community.