Halloween Safety Tips for Celina Families

October 12, 2023 3:12 pm

If you’re planning to dress up and roam around asking for treats on Halloween, keeping your family safe is the number one priority. Whether you stay in your neighborhood, go to Beware! of the Square downtown, or hit different places for trick-or-treating, use these tips to have peace of mind about your family’s safety in the Halloween Capital of North Texas.


Street Smart


First, always use the buddy system, and groups are even better. This will help you keep track of the kiddos and your nerves. But just in case you get separated, make sure the kids have their parents’ phone numbers so you can find each other easier. As for costumes, the more colorful, the better. Bright, even reflective colors are more visible in the dark. It’s simple to add reflective tape strips to any outfit. Store-bought costumes should have “flame resistant” on the labels. If you make your costumes, use flame-resistant fabrics like polyester or nylon.


Staying in well-lit areas and using sidewalks also keep you safer. Remind your kids to look both ways before crossing streets and use crosswalks if available. Going out earlier may help you avoid being out too late in the dark.


To have more visibility while costumed, consider wearing makeup and hats rather than masks that can obscure your vision. Use glow-in-the-dark makeup for even more visibility. It’s important to test the makeup at least 24-48 hours before the event, just in case you and your kids have an adverse reaction to it. Also, be even more careful with the makeup you intend to apply around your eyes. Check the FDA’s list of color additives to make sure it’s approved for use on eyelids. Most importantly, do not wear decorative or colored contact lenses that are not prescribed by an eye doctor. Nonprescription lenses are a major risk for injury and could even cause blindness.


Treats and Eats


The number one rule here is: don’t eat anything until you have inspected it thoroughly for tampering or other evidence that it may not be safe to consume. We know even us grown-ups find it hard to resist the treats. So explain this to your kids before you go out and remind them frequently, even if you do sound like a broken record. Look for an unusual appearance, pinholes in wrappers, and discoloration or an “off” smell. Also, tell kids not to accept or eat anything that isn’t wrapped or from a store, so no homemade treats are allowed (awwwww …). Also, remember to check for allergens like peanuts by reading labels before digging in. Some candy or other treats may be choking hazards for small kids. Remove small hard candies, toys, and gum. Make it a game and have younger kids trade those for something they can have.


Green Meadows is the perfect place for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and strolling the neighborhood to look at the decorations. Choose our community for your new home and enjoy fun activities all year long.