Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

June 12, 2023 1:39 pm

There is a lot to keep in mind to keep your home in top shape for summer, so we created a checklist to help you get it all done so you can enjoy more time playing and relaxing.


Outdoor Prep and Maintenance


Summer home maintenance starts with a general outside checkup: 


  • Check all the water hoses and sprinklers to ensure they are working properly. And if your sprinklers are set on a timer, make sure the time is set correctly for non-peak watering hours in the early morning and late evening.


  • Clean your gutters thoroughly, removing all the leaves and buildup from the spring rains.


  • Prep your grill or outdoor kitchen by cleaning and setting up the tools you need to have a cookout.


  • Power wash the driveway, porch, and other paved or stone-inlaid areas. This will help keep the weeds from growing into the pavement and will improve the overall look of your property.


  • Wash the outside window screens and replace any that are damaged so you can open the windows to let in the fresh air. Replace screens that have holes and tears so no bugs can get inside your home.


  • Set up a lawn-mowing schedule and get rid of weeds that could take over your yard. Use an organic or other natural solution to keep weeds at bay. Add an extra layer of mulch to the garden and any outdoor plants to help prevent weeds.


Indoor Prep and Maintenance


With the Texas heat, we know we will all be spending time indoors! 


  • The first thing to check before the summer heat is your air conditioner’s filter. Change the filter frequently for more efficient cooling and better indoor air quality. Add a HEPA filter to help clean the air if you want filtration.


  • Reverse all of the ceiling fans so they push the air down instead of circulating it up as they should in the cold weather. Also, clean and dust the blades, motors, and assemblies to ensure they move the air properly.


  • If you use additional fans that plugin, check the cords and replace any that are frayed, stripped, or otherwise damaged. For wireless fans, check that they are charged, or the batteries are working.


  • Test all smoke and gas (carbon monoxide, propane, etc.) detectors. Replace the batteries or the detectors if they are not working correctly.


  • Remove scale buildup from your faucets, sinks, toilets, and showerheads to get better water flow. Replace any showerheads that cannot be cleaned up enough to provide adequate water flow. A good option is to use showerheads with filters. They filter the chemicals and lime/calcium scale to help prevent buildup.


Enjoy Summer at Green Meadows


Find your new home at Green Meadows in Celina, and once your home maintenance is done, enjoy our resort-style amenities every day. Moving here means you are always near fun and relaxing activities. Cool off in the resort-style pool with waterslides, relax and enjoy outdoor entertainment in the festive amphitheater, bike and walk on the trails and play in the parks.


Come enjoy your free time here with us. Contact us today to find your new home in our fun-filled community.