Local Spotlight: Helping Hands of Celina

January 11, 2022 8:25 pm

Green Meadows believes in building great community for our residents, and so we love to support organizations doing great work to strengthen the wider Celina community. 

Celina, has many great such organizations including Helping Hands of Celina, which supports Celina children on a free or reduced lunch program, in foster care, or with other needs.

About Helping Hands of Celina

A group of Celina moms had a desire to serve the city's residents, especially the children. Co-founders Elizabeth Huse, Jill Rutland, and Jennifer Cawlfield wanted to help children get their essential needs met. The nonprofit organization achieves this by providing access to necessities through teachers, foster homes, and single-parent families.

The organization assists the Celina Independent School District with an on-site Campus Closet that provides students with everyday essentials. Since many teachers tend to spend their own money on supplies and other school needs, Helping Hands oversees an adopt-a-teacher program to help teachers with their classroom expenses. 

Another cool program is Flocking. Any time someone wakes up to find a bunch of flamingos in their yard or at a business means they've been flocked! When a friend donates to Helping Hands of Celina, the organization puts these cute flamingos in the yard to raise awareness of foster care needs in the area and support the local foster care families. 

What a fun way to do fundraising while raising awareness! Look for #FlockItOnByHHOC and #FollowTheFlockByHHOC to see photos of this in action.

Other services offered include providing children in CISD with clothing, shoes, and basic necessities. Families gain access to support groups and training as well as babysitting and respite care. They even do home repairs, offer prayer, and more.

How You Can Help

HHOC collaborates with volunteers, businesses, congregations, existing networks, agencies, and other organizations to provide assistance to those in need. They never charge anyone for their services. While HHOC works to minimize costs, it relies on donations, fundraising, corporate sponsors, and volunteers to offset the costs.

Helping Hands of Celina is a volunteer-driven organization. You can donate your time and skills or donate items at one of the local drop spots. Be sure to visit their website to learn more and check out the HHOC Facebook page for the latest updates.

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