Local Spotlight: The Celina Fire Department

April 08, 2022 4:00 pm

The Celina Fire Department’s mission is “To protect the persons and property in Celina by providing quality and innovative emergency services” and they do this incredibly well. They’re well prepared for any emergency and have proved their readiness and capability many times. 


But they’re not only about reacting to emergencies; they’re also about educating and facilitating the community of Celina with ways to be proactive and prevent emergency situations as much as possible. They play an active role in the close-knit community of Celina and, as such, have some innovative and helpful programs on offer. 

The Citizens Fire Academy

The City of Celina Fire Department was very proud to announce a new initiative which will become an annual event. The Citizens Fire Academy is a program that aims to impart essential firefighting knowledge and also give participants a glimpse into the lives and duties of our brave firefighting crew. 


Anybody who resides or owns a business in Celina will be eligible to sign up for a course that covers a range of topics, including: 


  • How to use Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Electricity Demonstrations and how to avoid electrical injury
  • Fire Suppression methods and techniques
  • Fire Marshal responsibilities
  • The Science of a Forcible Entry
  • Nozzle Operations
  • Vehicle Extractions
  • Opportunities for CPR Certifications 
  • Aerial Ladder Climb Demonstrations and Lessons
  • Air Transportation (Helicopter) Demonstrations
  • Fireground Training Evolutions


Anyone looking to sign for this incredible program must be:


  • At least 18 years of age
  • A citizen of or business owner in the City of Celina
  • Prepared to undergo a criminal record background check


Although not a formal fire-training program, this course will give participants a fascinating background into the skills required to be a firefighter. The primary aim is to share knowledge and foster a close community connection between the Celina Fire Department and the Celina community. 


To register and for further details, click here.

The Celina Fire Department Smoke Detector Battery Replacement Program

Another helpful program to aid the community of Celina is for residents who require help with the replacement of their smoke detector batteries. 


Not only does the Fire Department bring a ladder and a staff member to come and physically replace the batteries, but they supply the batteries, too. 


This service is of no charge, but community members are urged to make a booking in advance by filling out this form and contacting the Celina Fire Department. 

Tours, Visits, and Making Contact

The Celina Fire Department is a proud part of the Celina community and has an open-door policy to make contact and connect with them. As part of their dedication to community outreach, they offer the following: 


  • Station Tours & Visits
  • Community event participation
  • Presentations at schools and organizations


The Celina Fire Department would love to connect with you. Check out their social media links here, or go straight to their website

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