Mom’s Night Out!

August 17, 2023 2:28 pm

School's about to start, so this is an excellent time for a good old-fashioned Mom's Night Out! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of school prep and last-minute summer activities to have some "me" time—get away, relax, and have some fun. You could go on a date night, do something just for yourself, or hang out with other moms who also need a break.


You should have no trouble finding something to do or see in the Celina area! Check out a new restaurant, go to a movie, relax at a day spa, or get together with the girls to try something new. We put together some ideas to help plan your night (or day) out.


Make it a Date


A date night may be just what you need to relax. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant (maybe one where you want to avoid taking your little ones) and dress up a bit to help you escape the daily routine. 


Enjoy a nice meal and a cocktail to unwind after the summer break.

Or do the same thing but with a group of friends or other moms who also need to get away. Talk, laugh, and make memories to share.


Culinary Creations


Do you like to cook but are in a rut of the same old, same old? Find a cooking class to learn new techniques and recipes that could become your new go-to's for family dinners.


Movie Magic


Maybe a movie night is more your style. Go alone to see that film you've been dying to see, but your spouse and kids make faces when you mention it. Not into going alone? Call your girlfriends and make it a group outing, complete with popcorn and M&Ms!


Refresh & Revitalize


If you really want to relax and be pampered, book a spa or wellness retreat day. You can go alone or with your best friends for group-style treatments. Try a massage, facial, hot rocks, and pedicure for max relaxation!


Sing-along with Friends


Then there's the opposite end of the spectrum: get together with your friends for as much excitement as you can find. Let loose at a karaoke bar! Sing and laugh and dance the night away. 


Uncork & Unwind


Take a trip to a local winery or wine bar to sample the wines together. You'll find out what you like and maybe learn a thing or two about how to choose wine when you're staring at 100s of bottles next time you go shopping. 


Or pair your wine with painting. To create your own artwork while enjoying a glass of wine with your pals. You are sure to have a few laughs and even take home some new art for your wall decor!


Regardless of which escape you choose, you can easily find your way to fun when you live in a new home at Green Meadows. Contact us today to join in on all of the fun.