Transform Your Garage

November 07, 2023 2:46 pm

Are rakes, bicycles, and tools cramping your garage style? Does it seem hopeless? Don’t feel lonely because a lot of us have the same problem. But don’t despair because you can transform the garage into a functional, organized space with a little effort and not much money. By learning how to store things, you’ll free up space and feel less claustrophobic. It’s rewarding and comes with a bonus—it adds value to your home.


Organize and Maximize Space


To maximize space and make it look nice, start by figuring out what you may need. Organization to tame chaos is the key. Shelves, hooks, storage bins, and pegboards are good solutions. You could make lists of what you need to store and sketch a draft “blueprint” to help visualize it. Install pegboards with hooks and color-coded bins, or use magnetic boards. If you want shelves instead, line them along the walls, but make sure they aren’t in the way of the garage door or parking space. Then, fill them with clear totes or bins with labels so you know what’s inside. Organize by item; for example, put all holiday décor together. Consider using vertical space, too. And have you thought about ceiling storage? With some creative DIY, that will work, too.


To get organized, sort through everything and declutter. Separate stuff into categories, then decide what to keep and what can go. Donate things, trash what can’t be used, and consider selling other items. Have a yard sale if you have time, or try listing on Craigs List, OfferUp, Next Door, or Facebook Marketplace. Make sure you get that stuff gone ASAP so it’s not cluttering up your space.


Tool and Fitness Stations


You probably have lots of tools to organize, so now’s the time to set up the tool station of your dreams. This is where the magnetic panels or railings come in handy to hang tools by type. Or mount pegboards on the walls and use hooks or hanging bins with labels. And set up a dedicated space with a workbench and bins for projects. For a cheap solution to yard tools, stand a wooden pallet vertically and anchor it in place, then slide long-handled tools into the top slots.


After you declutter and organize, you might have room for a home gym with mats, a weight bench, and shelves for other equipment. This will save money in the long run since you won’t have to drive to the gym, and with 24/7 access, no excuses!


Upkeep and Maintenance


During the transformation, it is also a good time to do maintenance checks on the garage door, other doors, floor, and ceiling. Make sure everything is safe for all ages. Then, set up a regular maintenance schedule, say biannually in fall and spring, to manage upkeep.

You could start fresh with a perfect garage space in your dream home at Green Meadows. Contact us today to find a new home to fulfill your needs now and in the future.