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at Green Meadows

Spring into Action: Fitness Opportunities
It’s time to spring into action and get moving to get fit for all the fun stuff you want to do! Need to get in shape for swimsuit season? You have lots of choices at Green Meadows and in Celina itself. From walking to swimming to CrossFit, yoga, and martial arts, you’re bound to find […]
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Green Meadows Family Fitness
Turning fitness into family time is fun and rewarding! Sure, the health benefits are great, but bonding time is the real payoff. It can be hard to fit quality time and exercise into a tight schedule, so combining fitness with family time just makes sense. Schedule time for healthy habits to teach kids the importance […]
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Keeping the Kiddos Entertained in a Small-town
Kids can have more fun in a small town than a big city! They can find fun around every corner, and you can rest easy knowing they’re safe in their own hometown. In a small town like Celina, there’s a wide world to explore without dealing with the hustle and bustle of the big city. […]
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Why you should take advantage of the Green Meadows walking paths
Getting in shape and staying fit throughout the year is easier than you might think. While there’s a range of gyms in Celina that offer both high-intensity and more low-impact workouts, one of the best things you can do for your health is to simply… take a walk. Walking probably won’t ever become a fitness […]
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Fitness in Celina
When it comes to staying in shape, the best way to build healthy habits is to find something that works for you, whether that be heavy-lifting at 5 AM every morning or an evening walk a few times a week. From popular gyms with just about everything under one roof to our very own fitness […]
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