#CelinaEats: Bongo Beaux's

November 18, 2022 8:41 pm

Whether it’s enjoying a meal from a local restaurant or doing some shopping at a new boutique, there’s always a good reason to spend a day in downtown Celina. One of our favorite spots to grab a bite to eat in the downtown area is Bongo Beaux’s


With authentic Cajun eats prepared fresh each day and a lively atmosphere, Bongo's is a local favorite when you're craving something different for dinner.


The Story of Bongo Beaux’s


The Cajun "Bourré Palace and Cajun Kitchen" might call Texas home, but its culinary roots will always be firmly planted in Louisiana. The story of Bongo Beaux’s reads like a folktale plucked straight from the backwaters of the swamplands.


It all started when a young boy named Beaux was given a pair of bongo drums that his father picked up on a trip into town. Beaux became a fantastic bongo player but upon venturing into New Orleans to join a jazz band, he was met with disdain from musicians who saw no need for bongos in jazz. 


Not to be discouraged, Beaux took to the streets, playing his bongo drums for anyone who would listen. His street playing quickly drew an audience, which led to Beaux starting a Bourré pot for his spectators, which drew even more attention to his bongo playing. With a steady audience and Bourré pot, Beaux soon found a group of musicians who appreciated his bongo playing. Before he knew it, his new Jazz band was playing long into the night. Naturally, the guests that came to listen to the music grew hungry and Beaux pulled double-duty playing music and cooking up Cajun cuisine. 


Eventually, the law caught wind that there was some illegal gambling going on, so Beaux grabbed his bongos and gumbo pot and headed west, eventually landing in Celina… or so the story goes. 


Flavors Straight From the Bayou


Regardless of how much of Bongo Beaux’s origin story is true, one thing that nobody questions are the flavors coming out of the restaurant's kitchen. As the menu proudly proclaims “we’ve got crawfish” – guests can delight in a full spread of authentic cajun and creole food with items like crawfish pies, crawfish queso (because Texas!), and étouffée. 


The menu also includes classics like jambalaya, Po' Boy sandwiches, and blackened catfish. A favorite appetizer among guests is Beaux Bread, a French roll stuffed with blackened crab, crawfish, andouille sausage, cheese, and topped with the restaurant’s signature Crackfire Sauce. 


Obviously, a cold drink is going to be a necessity to compliment the zesty and spicy flavors found on your plate, and a range of refreshing beverages are available. Beer fans have their choice between draft domestic and import beers as well as tallboy cans – just $4.25 all day every day!


There’s also a selection of both red and white wines available and cocktails like Cajun Lemonade and the Hurricane. Rumor has it they have the power to transport you straight to Bourbon Street after just a few sips. And because it’s always a good time in the Big Easy, Bongo Beaux’s celebrates happy hour on weekdays from 4 to 6 PM. 


It’s downtown restaurants like this that make Celina such a great place to live. If you’d like to find a home here, contact the Green Meadows team to learn more about our homes and master-planned community. 


Image from Bongo Beaux’s.